Lay back,
Help the world get laid

Why working at StayUncle?

  • Because Indians needs waay more sex. And we want to make it easy for them.

  • Because we want to help the creation of the next 1 billion Indian babies.

  • Because we are the coolest, the sluttiest, the most awesome people you will ever find in India.

  • Because we are out of our mind.

Current Job openings

VP Engineering

Who would have thought getting a great techie on board would be more difficult than getting an auntie onboard StayUncle? 

Here comes the boring part:

We are looking for someone with leadership skills and experience in designing technical architectures to fill our VP, Engineering position.

As the VP, you’d be responsible for hiring and mentoring the engineering team and laying the groundwork for the company’s technical stack and the product development cycle.

While not strictly required, experience in the following skills is a big plus:

  • Backend: NodeJS, postgres/mysql
  • Frontend: ECMAScript 6 (latest version of Javascript), modern frameworks like ReactJS
  • Mobile development: Android
  • Developer tools / services: git, AWS, heroku, github
  • Modern software engineering best practices

In short – you will be expected to be awesome at coding and building teams because we have some insane features lined up on our product roadmap. Salary + equity package for the finest out there.

Customer Care Auntie

The super sexy auntie will be responsible for

  • Receiving up inbound calls of customers to enlighten them how safe and friendly our hotels are.
  • Making outbound calls to the hotels to ensure they have kept the rooms ready and clean for the couples who are about to check in.
  • Managing bookings via emails

In a nutshell, ensuring that the couples are having a smooth checkin and a great time at the hotel. Please don’t tell feminists about this job posting