The team that's helping you make love

Sanchit Uncle

Chief Executive Uncle

The CEO of StayUncle and the small town Jaunpur boy still refusing to get arranged-married

Blaze Uncle

Chief Marketing Uncle

The Chief Marketing Uncle at StayUncle, the story teller, hated by his own parents. Still practicing the kame hame ha attack

Praveen Uncle

Chief Customer care and happiness Uncle

The Chief Customer care uncle. The guy who is likely to pick your distress call at 3 am in the morning

Nitish Uncle

Hotel Onboarding Uncle

The wizard responsible for bringing more StayUncle couple friendly hotels.

Komal Auntie

Hotel onboarding auntie

Responsible for bringing more StayUncle couple friendly hotels on board, juggling with 5 boyfriends at the same time and not minding it at all.

Rockie Uncle

Chief Finance Officer

The Chief Finance Officer responsible for crediting our salaries. The guy with the sweetest smile in the world.

Dikshi Auntie

The Lovecast host auntie

Fiery and disarmingly charming. Host of the StayUncle podcast.

Shrey Uncle

Hotel onboarding uncle

Responsible for getting more couple friendly hotels on board. A guy who refuses to believe that girls with beards are still girls

Arpit Uncle

Customer care and happiness uncle

A samurai with a sword of words. The past. The present. The future. Even your own mother doesn’t get spared when he starts typing the keyboard

We are just humans
Average age: 28 years old

Some of the things we don't want our parents to find out


of us plan to turn bisexuals

50 ltrs.

of masala chai drunk every month


of us snore pathologically


of us are okay dating their cousins


of us are on Tinder but not on

96 hrs

of combined porn watched per month