Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the formalities to book a couple friendly hotel?

    Not much. You only need a StayUncle booking confirmation which you will receive in your inbox after you complete the reservation on the website and a valid ID proof for both you and your partner at the time of checkin.
  • Is local ID allowed?

    Yes, even couples with local ID can easily book a hotel with StayUncle. That means that even if you are from Mumbai and your ID proof is of Mumbai, you can still book a couple friendly hotel in Mumbai. We are not kidding.
  • If one partner has local id proof and one has other state?

    No issue at all, the ID can come from any city or state even if it is a local one
  • Only I have an ID proof but not my partner. Can we still book a hotel?

    Both the partner must have a valid ID proof at the time of checkin. That’s a mandatory condition
  • Are married couples allowed too?

    Yes, both unmarried and married couples can book a hotel with StayUncle
  • Can we contact the hotel?

    If you approach the hotel directly or call you are likely to reach out to the receptionist and he will deny couples approaching directly. Our contract goes with directly with the higher management of the hotels. Our hotels will only accept couples who at the time of checkin appear with a StayUncle booking confirmation
  • What if there is some incident?

    There won’t be any because the service is perfectly legal. Plus there is helpline number displayed on the top and our customer happiness uncles are ready to assist you 24 hours a day. There is no automated secretary or waiting list, you get access to our team immediately J
  • Is it safe?

    200% safe. We only deal with premium high class properties which have no security issues with police whatsoever. Plus remember that the service is legal for consenting adults of minimum 18 years old.
  • Can I pay with Cash?

    Sorry. Payment with Cash is currently not supported. To obtain your booking confirmation you have to complete your online payment first.
  • Can I, by any chance be denied service?

    No. If the hotel is listed as our partner and you appear with a StayUncle booking confirmation you will be cordially welcomed.
  • Are you going to expand in more cities?

    Yes we will. So many cities are calling for StayUncle and it takes time to catch up with all of them. We never launch into a new city before we ensure that our hotel partners are thoroughly examined scrutinized and trained to treat couples like kings. The slightest details have to be addressed before we announce our presence into a new city.
  • Can I get a discount as a first time user?

    Only our regular and loyal guests are eligible for discounts and many other sweet surprises we are currently preparing for them.
  • What ID proof is accepted?

    Aadhar card, Voter ID, Driving Licence or Passport. PAN card, Company card etc. are not accepted as ID proof in our hotels.
  • Can we book for full day or multiple days instead of 10 hours?

    Yes and the feature is going to launch soon. Meanwhile if you need it now, please drop us a note on our chatbox below and we shall explain you the procedure of booking a multiple day couple friendly hotel with us.
  • Is the service legal?

    Yes it is for as long as both the partners are of minimum of 18 years old and both of them have a valid ID proof to showcase at the time of checkin. We do not entertain requests coming from guests below the age of 18 years.
  • What will the hotel receptionist do with my ID proof?

    The ID proof is needed for registration into the guest book and verification purpose and nothing more. Your private info is not being shared, nor kept.
  • Is StayUncle going to help me in case of any incident?

    As we iterated above there will be no incident happening in our hotels. And rest assured that StayUncle live for our guests and will always stay with them no matter what.